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If you are an investor looking for promising projects to fund, we can introduce you to project founders.

In general, we choose project that are characterized by low investment risk, low entry level, and several folds of investment returns.

Most of the projects we advise are disruptive, aimed at meeting the unfulfilled demands of large markets.

More information about the projects, including detailed descriptions, proposals, technical specifications, data rooms, KPI, economic parameters, and investment conditions, can be obtained from project founders.

If you are interested in investing in any of the projects, please contact us to obtain initial information.

Important Disclosure:

BVP Group is not a broker-dealer, funding platform, or investment advisor, and does not participates in the offer or sales of securities.

We consult with the founders of projects, selected by us,  to help them develop reasonable technical and business strategies and be prepared for future investment rounds.

We are not agents and do not charge founders or investors for our services.
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