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Yefim Verozinsky  (Israel)

Yefim has nearly 30 years of experience in the design and construction of electronic devices, computer technology, and software development. 

Yefim has guided companies through the entire design process: from concept to prototype construction to finished product to mass production.
Yefim’s engagement valuable in light of his extensive experience.

Oleg Panoff  (France)

Oleg  has worked in Silvio Berlusconi's "Publitalia", and as  CEO
of "Carat Group" and "Euro RSCG".

He hold an MBA in Marketing and Advertising, a PhD in Political Science from Middleham University, UK.  Oleg founded a biggest Advertising Agencie as well as several IT companies.

Dmitry Ponomarenko  (Cyprus)

Dmitry has spent a considerable part of his applied science career in various international advanced technology research projects.

Dmitry  founded ARBOCK, a large water desalination company.
Alexander Bloch  (USA)

Alexander brings considerable international credentials, having led large technology teams and transformation programs in many parts of the world. 
Alexander has a unique blend of expertise, combining both management consulting and hands-on corporate IT management, having performed both CIO and advisory roles in Fortune 500 companies.
Dr. Diophantos Chrysostomou  (Cyprus)

Dr. Chrysotomou is a practicing medical doctor with extensive experience in Health Care and Medicine.
His role in BVP Group is an expertise  and advisory in BVP's medical projects.

Eva Lebedev  (Israel)

Eva has experience as a Team Lead and Project Manager for several large international companies. She has expertise in finance and wealth management.

Igor Boldyrev (USA)

Igor earned his Master of Law in MGIMO University  and MBA from Chicago Business School. He spent almost two decades at Ernst & Young, working in M&A and Strategy Services Advisory.

His precise contribution to BVP  lays in strong experience and deep knowledges in Strategic Planning,  and solutions and offerings in the Emerging Markets across sectors and competencies.